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Links updated 21st July - Here are a few links I have gathered. They're some of the most well known astronomy sites and I'll try to add to them when time permits. Note that all will open into a new window. Enjoy!

Telescope Manufacturers

Orion Telescopes I believe these are very hard to come by in Australia, and very steep moneywise. Still, they're some of the best scopes in the world and you can always dream right?
York Optical A fully Australian dealer of telescopes, binoculars, microscopes and more. This is the place where I purchased my pride and joy and they have stores all around the country.
Celestron International Makers of fine scopes from what I've heard, and not that hard to find here if you look hard. They make the NexStar computerized telescopes which seem to be quite popular. Only problem is the price, about $5000! (Source: York Optical)
Meade Telescopes Widely known to make some of the finest instruments on Earth. Although, like Orion, they're extremely hard to come by and from what I've read you need to pay a more-than-fair price. Probably worth it, though!


Astronomy Magazine Probably the most popular astro site going around, has everything from massive picture galleries to a message board where you can ask questions and chat to other amateurs.
Sky and Telescope Magazine Very professional American site and has basically everything to do with astronomy you could imagine. Check out the scope buying guide.

General Astronomy

Matt's Astronomy Page! Matt is a friend I met over the internet who has a very keen interest in astronomy and astrophotography. Take a look at his new site and his great astrophotos!
Yahoo! Science > Astronomy I directory of astronomy sites. Pictures, history, clubs, information, education, chats, newsgroups… almost everything can be found somewhere in here.
Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy The real stories beind astronomy's greatest misconceptions. Quite interesting, take a look.
Astronomy Picture of the Day Some of the most breathtaking astrophotos I've ever come across! One of the most popular astro sites on the net.
David Paul Green The home of some great free astronomy software. There's a recording log and a Messier program with photos and details of all of them.

Astronomical Societies

ASWA Society Directory Being the very slack person that I am, I decided not to write out all the clubs listed on this page. I thank the wonderful Astronomical Society of Western Australia for saving me a lot of time!
The Astronomy Club For Teens! This is a newly formed club where teens like myself talk and give advice to others. If you're a teenager from anywhere on Earth we'd love to have you in! Membership is free of course :)

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